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Course Launch Secrets 

How I Launched and PRE-SOLD my Online Course, while working Full-Time in my Offline Business.

Cat is not only very knowledgeable & great at teaching, but she also displays the behaviour and attitude to business & life that you seek in a great mentor. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with her.” Paola Tapia. (200k in 12 months)

In this Training:

Learn what types of expertise, talent and knowledge make online courses SELL from hundreds to thousands of dollars. **This is a ‘MUST HAVE’ training for NEW and seasoned online businesses who are still struggling with lead generation. AND especially, if you have already done ‘PAID FOR’ trainings in the past.**

I’m going to share the exact steps I took to create my 6 figures online in 12 months, (including the trainings I took) so that you can see not only what’s possible, but the process that the 1% do to succeed at what they do. From packaging your knowledge, to what people will pay you for and, how to get SOCIAL Proof that your course WORKS!

The financial rollercoaster may be real but it’s not necessary. I’ll share the No. 1 tip to take you from  Employee Mindset to Entrepreneur, AVOIDING the pitfalls that often happen in course startups. **PLUS my ‘exclusive’ strategy to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your IDEA will be profitable and scalable!**

Launching a new product does not have to be complicated. I’ll show you how a little bit of tweaking on your course can scale it quickly, therefore, outrunning the barriers that occur for new entrepreneurs. BONUS: During the training, I’ll share how to get a copy of my 7 Figure Program Blueprint so that you have an added advantage.

What Everyday Entrepreneurs Like You, Are Doing To Sell Their Knowledge Online.

Your Business should Look like Anything you want it to be!

Hey, I’m Cat, and I help women & men create and sell courses on topics they are passionate about. Using their expertise and knowledge and are willing to go all in, creating an income that can be passive or active – you get to choose.

I love helping entrepreneurs who want to quit the rat race, and succeed with proven strategies. Taking big numbers and making them small, taking ordinary thinking and creating the extraordinary and most of all, creating a business that’s mission is to change the world with vision while impacting millions worldwide.

Stand for what you believe in and do it your way. It’s a great honor to be an educator. If that’s your mission too, I’d love for you to join me and see what we can do together.

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